Grapery already produce table grapes described by consumers as the most flavorful grapes they’ve ever tasted, where do we go from there?

Strive to deliver even better tasting grapes. Becoming operational in June of 2015, their new state-of-the-art cold storage facility has strengthened their overall process to accomplish that. Grapery has raised the bar by lowering the time between harvest and the protective chill.

“This new facility represents our uncompromising commitment to bring the world’s finest-tasting grapes to the table,” says Grapery CEO Jim Beagle. “We are all about flavor. That’s always been our number one priority, and always will be.” The new facility reduces the Cut-to-Cool time by as much as 70% compared to the typical industry average. “This process strengthens our ability to harvest our grapes when they are at their absolute flavor peak,” Beagle says, “then chill them quicker, to lock in that fantastic flavor.”

Located in Shafter, CA, the 100,000-sq. ft. energy-efficient facility uses environmentally friendly solar power. “Many of our retail partners are excited to learn more about this new addition to our flavor arsenal.” Partner Jack Pandol predicts, “This process ensures our consumers will be delighted with every delicious bit of our premium table grapes.”

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